Partner Tamil Movie Day Wise Box Office Collection


Partner is a new Tamil comedy-drama movie directed and written by Manoj Damodharan. Aadhi Pinisetty and Hansika Motwani are seen in lead roles. The film was released on 25th August 2023 nationwide. The movie has been primarily released in Tamil and Telugu languages. The movie budget has been estimate around 10-12 crore. The film is going to release on around 600+ screens nationwide.

Partner Tamil Movie Day Wise Box Office Collection

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Partner Movie Star Cast and Crews

Actor Aadhi Pinisetty
Actress Hansika Motwani
Writer and Director Manoj Damodharan
Release Date 25th August 2023
Production Company Royal Fortuna Creations
Budget 10-12 Cr est.
Language Tamil

Partner Movie Budget, OTT Release, and OTT Rights

As per the report the movie budget is estimated around 10 crore. The movie has not announced its release date on its OTT but reports say that movie has already recovered its budget by its digital rights and musical rights. The movie is going to announce soon its OTT streaming platform. we will notify you when the news is updated from the production side.

Partner Tamil Movie Day Wise Box Office Collection

Day Date Collection
Day 1 25-08-2023 3.5 cr est.
Day 2 26-08-2023 2.80 cr est.
Day 3 27-08-2023 5.5 cr est.
Day 4 28-08-2023 2.20 cr est.
Day 5 29-08-2023 1.2 cr est.
Day 6 30-08-2023 0.8 cr est.
Day 7 31-08-2023 0.60 Cr
Day 8 01-09-2023 0.45 cr
Day 9 02-09-2023 0.90 Cr
Day 10 03-09-2023 1.10 Cr
Day 11 04-09-2023 0.30 Cr
Day 12 05-09-2023 0.20 Cr
Day 13 06-09-2023 0.15 Cr
Day 14 07-09-2023 0.10 Cr
Day 15 08-09-2023 0.08 Cr
Week 3 Total Collection
0.15 Cr
Week 4 Total collection 0.08 Cr
Total Collection **

Why should you watch Partner movie?

Comedy: Comedy movies are made to provide entertainment and induce laughter, offering a pleasant and relaxed viewing encounter and this movie delivers this.

Cast Performance: Only comedy and funny language cannot make people entertaining the action should be also top notch and this movie doesn't disappoint on it.

Stress relief: Watching a comedy movie can be a form of mindfulness, allowing you to be fully present in the moment. You can try this movie to get the same experience.

Positive Reviews: As the movie is getting good reviews from the audience and critics you can try it out in the theatre and enjoy your weekend.

Why shouldn't you watch Partner movie?

Action Lover:  If you are a true action fan then I don't recommend you to watch this movie because it's totally sticking in its humor and comedy.

High Expectations: After watching its trailer and marketing you might have a higher expectation than what the movie is going to deliver which might make you feel disappointing.

Lack Of Intrest In Cast: However the movie is good but if you don't like the performing actors you are not going to enjoy it.

Limite Language: As the movie has released only released in Tamil and Telugu it's very difficult to understand the concept of the movie.


When is the movie release date?
25th August 2023.

When the movie is going to release in OTT?

What is the budget for the movie?
10-12 crore

What is the language movie released on?
Tamil and Telugu

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The box office information has been gathered from multiple sources and supplemented with our own research. It's important to note that these figures are approximate, and our team does not claim the absolute accuracy or authenticity of the data.

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