Jailer 2023 Day Wise Box Office Collection


Jailer 2023 Day Wise Box Office Collection

Today we will discuss the latest movie Jailer day-wise box office collection in this article. Before that let's know the little background of the movie. The movie was originally made in Tamil and later dubbed into Hindi, Malayalam, Kannada, and Telegu languages.

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The lead role of Jailer has been played by superstar Rajnikanth and this is the first of him which has been released in 2023. The action-comedy movie has been written and directed by Nelson Dilipkumar. The budget of the movie is estimated at 200 Cr according to a Wikipedia article.

The movie has the clash with two big Bollywood movies Gadar 2 which has the lead role of Sunny Deol and OMG 2 which has the lead role of Akshay Kumar. As in both movies, previous sequels have been superhit at the box office. As there is not an opening day clash with those movies but there is only one day difference in the release of those superstar's films. As we can see all the stars have been waiting for independence day weekend to release their movie. Without further waiting let's jump to the day-wise collection.

Jailer 2023 Day Wise Box Office Collection

Day Date Collection
Day 1 10-08-2023 48.35 cr
Day 2 11-08-202325.75 cr
Day 3 12-08-2023 34.30 cr
Day 4 13-08-2023 42.20 cr
Day 5 14-08-2023 23.55 cr
Day 6 15-08-2023 36.50 cr
Day 7 16-08-2023 15.00 cr
Day 8 17-08-2023 10.20 cr
Day 9 18-08-2023 10.05 cr
Day 10 19-08-2023 16.50 cr
Day 10 20-08-2023 19.20 cr
Day 11 21-08-2023 5.70 cr
Day 12 22-08-2023 4.70 cr
Day 13 23-08-2023 3.75 cr
Day 14 24-08-2023 3.05 cr
Day 15 25-08-2023 3.40 cr
Day 16 25-08-2023 5.00 cr
Day 17 26-08-2023 **
Day 18 27-08-2023 **
Day 19 28-08-2023 **
Day 20 29-08-2023 **
Day 21 30-08-2023 **
Day 22 31-08-2023 **
Day 23 01-09-2023 **
Day 24 02-09-2023 **
Day 24 03-09-2023 **
Day 25 04-09-2023 **
Day 26 05-09-2023 **
Day 27 06-09-2023 **
Day 28 07-09-2023 **
Total Collection 307.70 cr

Even though three superstar movie collied fans have chosen their own idol and support them.

Why you should watch the Jailer movie?

Star: Jailer movie is loaded with the saar featuring Rajnikanth, Mohanlal, Shiva Rajkumar, and Jakie Shroff. The combination of these actors in the same film gives a next-level vibe to the audience.

Action: How can we not expect that a movie played by superstar Rajnikanth is not with action loaded and thrills. Definitely, the movie's action scene and the direction were perfect.

Stunning Visuals: The movie has been made on a high budget and it looks like most of them are used in VFX. So, the visuals of the movie are absolutely good.

Rajnikanth's Performance:  It's worth watching Rajnikanth in big cinema however the movie story is.
His acting and performance can bring more audience to the theatre just to watch him,

Why you shouldn't watch the Jailer movie?

Not a fan of Action films: If you don't like the intense fight sequence then you should choose a different movie to watch because this movie doesn't meet your interest.

High Expectation: After watching the trailer or if you are a diehard fan of Rajnikanth and you have the high expectation then that may be not met. High expectations can be disappointing sometimes as the movie is a masterpiece due but also there is a chance of not meeting your expectation.

Wrong Genre: If you like family drama or love stories then Jailer may not fit on you because it is full of twists and loaded with action. So, it is important to consider which genre movie you want to see.

Not Intrest in Cast: If there is not a lack of interest in the cast played in the movie Jailer then this might be the reason you won't go to watch a movie.

Disclaimer: The box office information has been gathered from multiple sources and supplemented with our own research. It's important to note that these figures are approximate, and our team does not claim the absolute accuracy or authenticity of the data.
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