OMG 2 Day Wise Box Office Collection


 OMG 2 Day Wise Box Office Collection

If you are curious about the collection of OMG 2, then you are in the right place. Today I'm going to show you the day-wise earning report of the latest movie OMG 2.

OMG 2 Day Wise Box Office Collection

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Firstly let's discuss the basic of the movie. The movie is the sequel to the 2012 released OMG- Oh My God! which was a massive hit at the box office. However, there are a lot of controversies regarding those movies by hurting the religious sentiment. of many people. In this movie, we are going to miss Paresh Rawal who became the hero after playing the atheist role in the previous sequel.

The movie is had clash with Gadar 2 a Hindi movie featuring Sunny Deol and Jailer a Tamil language movie featuring Rajnikanth. Despite clashing the movie has done a significant amount of collection at the box office. Akshay Kumar featuring OMG 2 has done a better collection than the previous sequel. Now let's dive into day wise collection:-

OMG 2 Day Wise Box Office Collection

Day Date Collection
Day 1 11-08-2023 9 cr
Day 2 12-08-2023 13 cr may earn
Day 3 13-08-2023 15 cr may earn
Day 4 14-08-2023 8 cr may earn
Day 5 15-08-2023 18 cr may earn
Day 6 16-08-2023 4 cr may earn
Day 7 17-08-2023 3.5 cr may earn
Day 8 18-08-2023 **
Day 9 19-08-2023 **
Day 10 20-08-2023 **
Day 10 21-08-2023 **
Day 11 22-08-2023 **
Day 12 23-08-2023 **
Day 13 24-08-2023 **
Day 14 25-08-2023 **
Day 15 26-08-2023 **
Day 16 27-08-2023 **
Day 17 28-08-2023 **
Day 18 29-08-2023 **
Day 19 30-08-2023 **
Day 20 31-08-2023 **
Day 21 01-08-2023 **
Day 22 02-08-2023 **
Day 23 03-09-2023 **
Day 24 04-09-2023 **
Day 24 05-09-2023 **
Day 25 06-09-2023 **
Day 26 07-09-2023 **
Day 27 08-09-2023 **
Day 28 09-09-2023 **
Total Collection 70.5 cr estimate

This is the total day-wise collection of OMG 2. Now let's discuss the movie.

Why you should watch the movie?

Unique Story: As the character playing in the movie are against the god but the story they create to make this movie is mind-blowing. You haven't seen such good content on Bollywood movies in the past couple of years.

Performance: The performance by the lead actors Akshay Kumar, Pankaj Tripathi, and Yami Gautam is highly appreciated. The chemistry when they all came in the same frame is one of the movie's best parts.

Entertaining: Despite its serious subject the film has not failed to entertain. The dialogues and interactions between the characters provide humor and engagement.

Positive Reviews: The movie has received a maximum number of positive reviews from critics and audiences which is also one of the factors of success.

Why you shouldn't watch the movie?

Genre Mismatch:  If you are not interested in humor and story narrative then this movie is not for you because the film is based on the story with the timing of humor.

Controversial Topics: The film's description of religious figures and practices may be disturbing for some viewers.

Personal Beliefs: If you hold strong beliefs in religion and spirituality then this movie can make you uncomfortable to watch. This might be the right choice for watching the movie.

Unsolved Questions: The movie raises a lot of questions regarding religion but it doesn't focus on definite answers or resolutions to those questions. This might make some audience unsatisfied if you need a complete conclusion.

Disclaimer: The box office information has been gathered from multiple sources and supplemented with our own research. It's important to note that these figures are approximate, and our team does not claim the absolute accuracy or authenticity of the data.


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