Gadar 2 Day Wise Box Office Collection


 Gadar 2 Day Wise Box Office Collection

Today in this article we are going to discuss the earning reports of the recent release of  Gadar 2.

Sunny Deol and Ameesha Patel featuring Gadar 2 have brought storms to the box office. Despite the clash with two big movies OMG 2 featuring Akshay Kumar and Jailer featuring Rajnikant the movie has managed to do good earning at the box office. 

Gadar 2 Day Wise Box Office Collection

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As the movie sequel is Gadar: Ek Prem Katha which was released 22 years ago and people still remember the movie because it has won the hearts of many audiences. As per Wikipedia, the Gadar 2 movie budget is estimated at around 75-80 crore. The movie has been released on more than 3000+ screens nationwide. 

 Gadar 2 Day Wise Box Office Collection

Day Date Collection
Day 1 11-08-2023 40 cr
Day 2 12-08-2023 45 cr may earn
Day 3 13-08-2023 **
Day 4 14-08-2023 **
Day 5 15-08-2023 **
Day 6 16-08-2023 **
Day 7 17-08-2023 **
Day 8 18-08-2023 **
Day 9 19-08-2023 **
Day 10 20-08-2023 **
Day 10 21-08-2023 **
Day 11 22-08-2023 **
Day 12 23-08-2023 **
Day 13 24-08-2023 **
Day 14 25-08-2023 **
Day 15 26-08-2023 **
Day 16 27-08-2023 **
Day 17 28-08-2023 **
Day 18 29-08-2023 **
Day 19 30-08-2023 **
Day 20 31-08-2023 **
Day 21 01-08-2023 **
Day 22 02-08-2023 **
Day 23 03-09-2023 **
Day 24 04-09-2023 **
Day 24 05-09-2023 **
Day 25 06-09-2023 **
Day 26 07-09-2023 **
Day 27 08-09-2023 **
Day 28 09-09-2023 **
Total Collection

Why you should watch the movie?

Patriotism The movie shows the willingness to love for their country and their sacrifice for unity and integrity The film celebrates the spirit of patriotism and national pride.

Dialogue: Undoubtedly the dialogue of this movie is perfect. When you hear such a heavy dialogue from Sunny's character then it's all worth it.

Performances: The performances by the lead character and by side actors are over the top. Sunny's powerful performance adds depth to the movie. 

Soundtrack: How can we forget the music of the film with Udit Narayan's sweet voice it's like the cherry in a cake. Also, the film's music, composed by Mithoon, includes memorable songs that enhance the emotional impact of the story.

Emotional Impact: Gadar 2 extracts strong emotions, making it a memorable and impacting experience for critics and the audience.

Why you shouldn't watch the movie?

Historical Accuracy: The movie is based on a fictional story. If you're looking highly accurate history movie this might disappoint with its dramatized approach

Movie Narrative: Some viewers might dislike the film's storytelling method, which combines romance, action, and historical elements, as lacking smooth continuity.

Political and Cultural Sensitivities: The film's portrayal of historical events and relationships could touch on political and cultural sensitivities. If you're concerned about the handling of these issues, you might choose not to watch it.

Mismatch Genre: If you like to watch only action movies then movies might not suit your interest because it's s history of periodic drama movies its main focus on it's drama rather than action.

Disclaimer: The box office information has been gathered from multiple sources and supplemented with our own research. It's important to note that these figures are approximate, and our team does not claim the absolute accuracy or authenticity of the data.

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