Bholaa Movie Day Wise Box Office Collection


Ajay Devgn's most awaited movie Bholaa has finally been released in theatres. The movie was released initially in Hindi language. It's an action-adventure movie directed by himself Ajay Devgn and his team. The film features Ajay Devgn, Sanjay Mishra, and Tabu. The movie has been produced under the banner of T-series and Ajay Devgn Films. 

Bholaa Movie Day Wise Box Office Collection

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Bholaa Movie Cast and Crews

ActorAjay Devgn, Sanjay Mishra
Actress Tabu
Director Ajay Devgn
Release Date 30 March 2023
Production CompanyT-Series, Ajay Devgn Films
Budget 100 Cr 
Language Hindi
Screen Count 2300 Screens
Runtime 144 Minutes
OTT Amazon Prime

Bholaa Movie Budget, OTT Rights, and Release Date

Besides being and remake movie the movie budget has been estimated around 100 Crore. The movie has finally confirmed its OTT streaming platform and it will be Amazon Prime Video. As per the reports, the platform has paid 30 crores to get it right. The movie will be streaming on 25th May 2023 on Amazon Prime Video.

Bholaa Movie Day Wise Box Office Collection

Day Date Collection
Day 1 30-03-2023 11.20 cr
Day 2 31-03-2023 6 cr
Day 3 01-04-2023 11 cr
Day 4 02-04-2023 12.20 cr
Day 5 03-04-2023 4 cr
Day 6 04-04-2023 4.40 cr
Day 7 05-04-2023 3.10 cr
Day 8 06-04-2023 2.90 cr
Day 9 07-04-2023 3.15 cr
Day 10 08-04-2023 3.77 cr
Day 11 09-04-2023 4.5 cr
Day 12 10-04-2023 1.25 cr
Day 13 11-04-2023 1.25 cr
Day 14 12-04-2023 1.20 cr
Day 15 13-04-2023 1.30 cr
Day 16 14-06-2023 1.50 cr
Day 17 15-06-2023 1.60 cr
Day 18 16-06-2023 2.10 cr
Day 19 17-06-2023 0.92 cr
Day 20 18-06-2023 0.85 cr
Day 21 19-06-2023 0.83 cr
Day 22 20-06-2023 0.80 cr
Day 23-Day 29
1.60 cr
Day 30-Day 36
0.62 cr
Total Collection
83.90 cr

Why you should watch the Bholaa movie?

Action Packed: If you love to watch action sequences movies then Bholaa delivers intense action scenes that keep the audience engaged in the theatre.

Visuals: The movie contains stunning visuals and cinematography. This shows that Ajay Devgn can do acting as well as directing.

Ajay Devgn's Performance: Ajay Devgn, a versatile actor not only directed the film but also played the lead role. His performance was top-notch in this movie too.

Soundtrack: The film's music, composed by Ravi Basrur, received positive feedback. The songs enhance the movie's emotional and dramatic moments.

Why you shouldn't watch the Bholaa movie?

Remake: As the movie is a remake of the 2019 Tamil movie Kaithi if you already watched then you can avoid this movie because it's a copy-paste storyline.

Compared With Kaithi: The audience has been compared with the original movie Kaithi and people find Bholaa disappointing. Audiences are not able to accept the remake of Kaithi.

Negative Reviews: Currently, people are not showing more interest in remake films and how much effort the director put into making a film and it's getting bad responses from critics and viewers.

Mismatch Expectations: If you came to watch a movie with high expectations because of its marketing, promotions, and trailer then Bholaa will disappoint you.


Is Bholaa a Horror movie?

No, it's an action-adventure movie.

Is Bholaa worth watching?

Yes, overall if you go to watch a movie with a fresh mind then you will enjoy watching.

Is Bhola better than Kaithi?

No, it is not better than the original movie Kaithi.

Was Bhola a hit or a flop?

Including the world worldwide collection, it was declared a Hit.

Will there be Bholaa 2?

Yes, but the release date has not been announced yet.

Who is the special appearance movie in Bholaa?

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